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Upcoming Events


Join Buelow Vetter at the 2021 WCASS Fall Conference

On Monday, September 27 Buelow Vetter will be presenting two sessions at the WCASS Fall Conference Pre-Convention Legal Session.

Attorneys Gary Ruesch, Sheila Thobani, & Alana Leffler are set to discuss the implications of recent DPI and OCR decisions related to manifestation determinations and seclusion/restraint. Also review recent (and sometimes surprising!) DPI IDEA complaint decisions.

Later in the session attorneys Mary Gerbig and Emily Turzinski will give a legal update on Title IX, Social Media, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students.

Please visit the link below to register for the event.

Date: September 27, 2021 – September 29, 2021

Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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2021 WASSA Virtual Fall Conference

On Thursday October 7th, Attorney Gary Ruesch will be speaking at the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators (WASDA). Gary’s presentation entitled, “School Boards and School Board Members: The parameters of Discourse” will discuss statutory and policy limitations on the conduct and communication of elected officials. It will also examine the role and conduct of school board members as parents, colleagues, and supervisors in relation to district employees, students, and other parents. Gary will also discuss the implications of WILSON v HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM (5th Circuit, 2020), pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, regarding possible Constitutional limitations on remedies of a school board to discipline or sanction its members.

Date: October 7, 2021

Time: 2:45 pm

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Is your school prepared for what's ahead in 2021-22? In this webinar, we will review the top legal issues that school officials should have on their radar going into the 2021-22 school year.

Join us as we discuss what considerations employers should take into account to make the transition as efficient and effective as possible, while minimizing their legal liability.

Please join us as we discuss lessons learned from this school year and the top legal issues school districts should have on their radar going into the 2021- 22 school year. Follow along here

Join us as we explain the various legal considerations when disciplining public safety employees, and offer practical tips for obtaining the best possible outcome in such situations.

In this webinar, learn how to address some of the most common COVID-19 workplace issues.

In this webinar, we will review the top legal issues that school officials should have on their radar going into the 2020-21 school year.

This video is part one of a 9-part series on special education law by Attorneys Gary Ruesch and Alana Leffler from their webinar via the National Business Institute. This segment covers Evaluations and Eligibility: The Latest on Child Find Obligations.

Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District: Updated Standard for FAPE for Special Education Students

Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE): Critical Cases Affecting Standards and Services, Especially Students with Behavioral Goals

Placement Decisions and Least Restrictive Environment (LRE): Clarifying District Obligations under Results Driven Accountability

Individualized Education Programs (IEPs): Case Law Impacts on Implementation, Content and More

Disciplinary Procedures: Opinions That Critically Affect BIPs, FBAs, Removals and More

Enhanced Liability as a result of Fry v. Napoleon: Bullying, Harassment and Denials of FAPE

Office for Special Rights (OCR) Developments under the Trump Administration

Restraint and Seclusion of Special Education Students: Recent Guidance and Decisions

Attorneys Daniel Vliet and Mark Olson discuss Individual Contracts for Teachers and Administrators

Attorney Matt Flanary presents Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB)

Attorneys Gary Ruesch and Alana Leffler provide an update on legal issues for schools working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students