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Labor Law

Labor Law

For more than three decades, Buelow Vetter has represented management on labor relations issues. We have extensive experience counseling employers on union avoidance strategies, managing labor representation and election issues, advising on decertification elections, negotiating labor contracts, assisting with strike planning, and representing employers in grievance arbitration. We have traditional labor law experience in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, service industries, retail and food service, counties, cities, towns, school districts and universities.

Our attorneys have represented employers before thousands of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and state labor relations agency hearings and arbitrations. We have decades of experience practicing before the NLRB, the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission and other state labor agencies. We have experience facing unions including the Teamsters, SEIU, IAM, IBEW, IAFF, AFSCME, WPPA, Law and others (the list is too long to name them all).

Buelow Vetter’s expertise and experience in labor law allows you to focus on other priorities while we solve the problem, keep you informed and help you move forward toward your business goals.

Collective Bargaining

Buelow Vetter attorneys have decades of experience negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of management. Whether you need help with negotiations and the collective bargaining table, or someone to work behind the scenes to assist you in achieving your collective bargaining goals, we are here for you. Additionally, we understand the importance of helping you to manage costs and maintain flexibility throughout your organization. your bargaining stance.
We represent both public and private employers in collective bargaining, understanding and readily adapting to the differences inherent within each type of entity.and media concerning
We can assist you in analyzing labor costs; developing and analyzing alternative compensation and benefit plans; developing bargaining goals and preparing bargaining proposals; developing and implementing bargaining strategies; developing contingency plans in the event of a strike or lockout; corporate campaigns; and developing strategies for communication with employees, customers, suppliers, the public,

Grievances & Arbitration

If you need advice regarding contract interpretation and grievance processing, you can count on Buelow Vetter. Our attorneys provide effective representation in arbitration hearings as a result of extensive experience, coupled with the efficient and operative handling of every case. Additionally, our knowledge of and relationships with arbitrators, gained through our many years of experience, give you an advantage during the arbitrator selection process.
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Maintaining a Union-Free Workplace

We understand that like most employers, you prefer a union-free workplace because, without union intervention, you are better able to provide competitive wages and benefits and communicate directly with your employees. However, maintaining a union-free workplace requires developing an effective communication plan while adhering to federal and state law.
Buelow Vetter attorneys are ready to advise you on procedures to avoid employees organizing, or respond quickly when an organizing campaign is imminent. We provide you with policies and training to minimize your risk. During organizing campaigns, Buelow Vetter offers advice on what your organization can lawfully do to prevail when an election occurs.
Additionally, we closely monitor pending state and federal legislation that will affect you, and keep you apprised of any significant developments.

NLRB Proceedings

When a labor dispute arises in your organization, quick and efficient handling of the case is necessary to minimize the disruption of your business activity and help you maintain strong employee relations the NLRB and the courts.

Buelow Vetter attorneys have handled hundreds of matters before the NLRB—including representation and unfair labor practice issues. When you are facing a union election, our attorneys help you define the appropriate unit for representation, design a campaign to provide understanding to your employees of the benefits of remaining union free, assist you in implementing your election campaign, and guide you in an effort to minimize potential election related unfair labor practice charges.
Where unfair labor practice charges have been filed against you, our attorneys assist by responding to and seeking resolution of the charge. When an unfair labor practice charge goes to hearing, it’s critical to have the benefit of knowledgeable, experienced litigators representing you before the NLRB and the courts.
NLRB Proceedings NLRB Proceedings - Buelow Vetter Buikema Olson & Vliet NLRB Proceedings - Buelow Vetter Buikema Olson & Vliet

Public Sector Labor Relations

In the late 1960s, Wisconsin enacted the first state law providing for public sector collective bargaining. Buelow Vetter attorneys have been representing public employers for a majority of the years the law has been in place. Our attorneys have helped shape the law. We are aware of the unique challenges of labor relations in the public sector including open records issues, political ramifications and the interest arbitration statute. The firm has experience working with labor relations professionals and elected officials to determine the jurisdiction’s financial and service priorities. es.
In light of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, our attorneys have advised public employers on the changes to the bargaining law and its impact on employees. We have developed, advised and reviewed employee handbooks and personnel manuals to replace the terms and conditions of employment formally contained in union contracts. We have also guided clients on the changes to the election process after Act 10, and how to successfully transition to a non-union workplace.
Complying with a myriad of laws impacting employers is a vital part of your organization’s strategy to reduce risk and unnecessary cost. That is why we constantly scan the evolving employment law landscape to alert you to any changes and prepare strategies to protect your interests.
We provide advice, research, and analysis throughout the negotiation process to enable you to make strategic decisions that help you achieve your goals. When unable to reach a voluntary resolution, Buelow Vetter attorneys are prepared to employ the skills developed through representation of clients in hundreds of interest arbitration cases.
Public Sector Labor Relations Public Sector Labor Relations - Buelow Vetter Buikema Olson & Vliet Public Sector Labor Relations - Buelow Vetter Buikema Olson & Vliet

Strikes & Picketing

Strikes and labor actions are a reality of the unionized work environment. Keeping operations running smoothly amid the chaos of a strike in your organization can be a daunting challenge. Buelow Vetter attorneys offer indispensable advice to employers on strike preparation guidelines and strategies. And, if a strike occurs, we are standing by to advise you regarding issues such as operation shut down, use of temporary or replacement employees, public relations and media, and security.
Strikes & Picketing Strikes & Picketing - Buelow Vetter Buikema Olson & Vliet Strikes & Picketing - Buelow Vetter Buikema Olson & Vliet

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