HellermannTyton manufactures and distributes cable management and protection systems, identification systems and network connectivity solutions.

Company Overview

HellermannTyton is a leading global manufacturing company of systems and solutions to better manage and identify wire, cable and components for its customers. Its North American operations have been headquartered in Milwaukee since 1969 with over 1400 employees in the US. 

We have represented HellermannTyton for many years, supporting the Company’s internal Human Resources Department when necessary on the whole gamut of employment related issues. Over time this has included state and federal discrimination claims, drafting various employment agreements including noncompetes and nondisclosure agreements. When necessary, we have also assisted the Company with enforcing these agreements. We have handled a variety of state and federal employment related litigation in addition to day-to-day counseling on HR and personnel issues.

Employment Law

We help you when a crisis hits and proactively help your organization to prevent future issues by implementing policies and processes that are aligned with evolving law.

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How We Helped

Our goal is to identify and solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have a close relationship with our client; we know the people and how the Company operates. Our knowledge and experience allows us to quickly size up the issues and make recommendations on how to address the concerns.

We take the same approach when it comes to employment litigation. We work hard to move the case forward because time is money. The longer the case drags on the more it ends up costing the client.


Over the years, HellermannTyton has developed a partnership with Buelow Vetter that’s second to none. If any issues do arise, we know they’ll be handled professionally and with the utmost care by their extraordinarily attentive team of attorneys. This attention to detail allows our HR team to focus on helping our employees build their careers, boost competence, and create a strong HellermannTyton community.

Tim Jarecki | Vice President of Human Resources