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Recognizing Signs of Employee Dissatisfaction That Lead to Union Organization

Which employees are most likely to seek union assistance in the workplace and/or file claims against their employer? The answer, of course, is those who are dissatisfied with their work environment. In general, employees who feel they are respected and treated fairly at work, and enjoy a positive work culture, are less likely to turn…

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Wisconsin Budget Bill Creates New Standard for Union Organizing

Under Act 10, public sector unions must recertify annually by obtaining the support of at least 51% of all employees within the bargaining unit. If the union fails to receive such support, it will be decertified and one full year must pass prior to any union attempt to re-organize. After the one-year period expires, the…

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Law Prohibiting Employers from Holding “Captive Audience” Meetings Declared Unconstitutional

For over a half-century, the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) has protected the rights of employers to hold paid, mandatory meetings with their employees to discuss unions and unionization. These meetings, termed “captive-audience meetings,” have primarily been used by employers facing union organizing efforts in an attempt to combat the tactics used by unions to…

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