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Wisconsin Budget Bill Creates New Standard for Union Organizing

Under Act 10, public sector unions must recertify annually by obtaining the support of at least 51% of all employees within the bargaining unit. If the union fails to receive such support, it will be decertified and one full year must pass prior to any union attempt to re-organize. After the one-year period expires, the…

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The Supreme Court Has Spoken: Act 10 Is Here To Stay

This morning, the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 (“Act 10”), the law responsible for dramatically altering the collective bargaining relationship for public sector employers and employees. Although several federal court decisions previously found Act 10 to be constitutional, today’s decision removes the last major hurdle facing this controversial legislation.…

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Dane County (WI) Circuit Court Overturns Parts of Act 10 Already Upheld by Federal Court

In another unexpected twist in the continuing litigation over Act 10, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas issued a decision on Friday holding parts of Act 10 in violation of both the Wisconsin and U.S Constitutions. Many of the provisions of Act 10 overturned by Judge Colas were already reviewed and found to be…

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