Buelow Vetter is privileged to serve several private K-12 schools and higher education institutions across Wisconsin. We appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that the teachers, staff and employees of private school make to educate and enrich the lives of the students they serve.

Our attorneys help you to meet the needs of your students through our commitment to providing experienced advice to guide you in the education and discipline of students, assessing and compensating your teachers and staff, creating administrator contracts and much more.

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We understand that students are at the heart of every action and decision made by school leaders. At Buelow Vetter, we are here to help you meet the needs of each and every student, by advising you in the areas of student discipline, privacy, mental health needs, educating students with disabilities and fulfilling requests for student records.

School Law


We truly respect the teachers, staff and employees of school districts for the exceptionally valuable work you do, often at great personal sacrifice. That’s why Buelow Vetter is dedicated to assisting your district with all aspects of reviewing and developing teacher contracts, evaluating teacher compensation and more. Additionally, when employment issues arise with teachers and staff within your district, Buelow Vetter is here to help you resolve the issue while protecting taxpayer resources and the educator effectiveness model.

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Compliance with a myriad of laws impacting employers is a vital part of every school’s strategy to reduce risk and unnecessary cost. We’re constantly scanning the evolving employment law landscape to alert you to any changes that impact how you educate students and offer your teachers and staff opportunities for enrichment. Additionally, we are prepared to develop strategies to protect your interests, including checklists, warning signs and best practices.


Religious and Doctrinal Issues

We are experienced in defending religious schools and institutions and their valued employees against allegations of religious and other forms of discrimination, including challenges to an institutions religious exemption from Title VII or local anti-discrimination ordinances. At Buelow Vetter, our goal is to help our clients adopt policies and procedures that uphold the law while celebrating the unique religious and cultural identity of their institution.

Religious & Doctrinal

Charter Schools

At Buelow Vetter, we guide public schools and other entities through the process of establishing a charter school, including virtual charter schools. In addition to assisting you with the myriad of issues and laws relating to your employees and students, we can support you through drafting and reviewing charter school contracts and determining which statutes and regulations apply to your particular school. Additionally, we can provide guidance regarding your legal obligations to serving children with disabilities.

School Law