Questions about Employment Law?

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Hiring / Firing

An efficient and effective hiring process is essential to ensure that you not only secure the best talent for your organization, but helps you provide an optimal candidate experience. Our attorneys regularly work with clients to create processes that help them fill vacancies in their workforce, including drafting ...


Buelow Vetter attorneys regularly advise employers on employee leave issues arising under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), including the complex notice, posting, and record keeping requirements. We can assist with reviewing policies, procedures and forms to ensure your organization is in compliance with state


At Buelow Vetter, we believe that employee handbooks are a strong foundation for any organization, whether it’s a global corporation with a large workforce or a small business with only a few employees. Not only do employee handbooks set forth expectations between the employer and employee, they clearly ...

Hiring / Firing

Well-written policies and procedures are essential to assist your employees with clearly understanding their roles and responsibilities within your organization. Simply put, policies and procedures allow leadership to guide operations without the need to constantly intervene, which can lead to increased productivity

Human Resources / Personnel

At Buelow Vetter, we understand how important it is to carefully manage all aspects of the employment lifecycle to ensure that your organization is following the myriad of laws related to hiring, managing, and, if necessary, even terminating employees.